Clenchwarton Parish Council
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All Parish Council correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk:
Jenny Rowe
The Parish Office
Black horse Road 
King's Lynn
PE34 4DN
01553 773254
Meetings are held in the Memorial Hall on the first Thursday of every month commencing at 7.00pm. Parishioners are welcome to attend these meetings and entitled to speak during the 15 minutes set aside for public participation in the meeting listed on the agenda as 'Residents Questions'. Between meetings the Parish Council encourages parishioners to contact the Clerk about any issues that they feel the Council should address.
Agendas of all meetings are posted on the notice boards in the village which are located at: The Parish Office, Black Horse Road, The Victory Inn, The Primary School, The Mc Colls car park and Ferry Road. The notices give at least three days notice of any of the Council meetings.
Planning Applications
Copies of Planning Applications received from the Borough Council , may be viewed by contacting the Clerk or by visiting the Borough Council website on

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